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RemoraLure SHIMMY SHAD SWIMBAIT Electric Vibrating Saltwater Lure


Unbreakable body with RemoraLure system built in. Electric battery powered vibrating  saltwater lure.

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Description of RemoraLure SHIMMY SHAD SWIMBAIT Electric Battery Powered Vibrating Saltwater Lure: Swim bait, Live Action Screw-on-Soft Tail connected to a hard plastic body make this lure tough. Tails may be any kind on the market that you prefer made by almost everyone. The small streamlined size is irresistible to gamefish with it’s 100% vibrating buzzing and humming. Comes with 5 batteries and three tails and four colors , Black, Blue, White, Yellow. Sinks slow and can be fished at almost any depth you choose. With a 2″ body you can use almost any length tail up to 6″ and get awesome results.

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White, Black, Blue, yellow


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