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Sportsman Plus LED Fishing Light Underwater/Floating


Our midline priced millennial led SS1500 model, 4,400 lumen 48 led light, 2.8amp draw. Pocket sized at 5″ long.

Sportsman Plus Series Underwater Light 4,400 lumens 2.8 amp draw or less and waterproof up to 60′ DEEP. This light is only 5 oz’s floats and can be used on the surface, hand held underwater or attached directly to our trolling motor bracket ( sold separately). It has an Acrylic clear lens, that enhances and provides even 180 degree lighting.(no spots no circles) and PVC ends which makes it a very durable bright light and almost indestructible. It also comes with appx. 5′ of red and black wire with spade connectors and extra ends for you to connect to your battery. Always use a fuse inline with battery for your protection or purchase one of our complete 10′ wire harness’s with clips and fuse included. FREE SHIPPING in continental USA .


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