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Croaking and VIBRATIONS


A lot of Saltwater Fish make sounds in the water. These sounds travel great distances underwater compared to on land. They are really more vibrations than sound because fish don’t have ears. They interpret  vibrations thru their lateral line on their side. There are all kinds of reasons they make vibrations, mostly to communicate with each other. The main fish you can relate the Vibrations of RemoraLures is the CROAKER. Everyone knows this is an awesome live bait. Catching 2.5″ Croakers and keeping them alive is a major problem sometimes, like in the heat of summer. This is why I invented the Remoralure system. It attracts from long distance even in murky water. No bells, whistles or flashing lights that others try to sell you just subtle vibration. No recharging waiting for hours for a few min. use and no computer cords. This battery system is simple to use as you can change out the battery in about 2 seconds by just snapping in another one. A battery last about 1 hour each and cost 50 cents apiece from me or you can buy them at Walmart for $1 each. ( in the fishing department )The vibrator is completely 100% sealed in solid hard plastic with only the exposed stainless steel contact wires to get wet. These lures should last years if you remove the dead batteries and rinse the lure in fresh water when thru fishing. Started in 2011 when my lures were only a piece of  rubber to NOW some really AWESOME looking lures. Still with the same RemoraLure system inside all my models that cover the entire water column. From top water to diving to jigs I have something that you will like for whatever kind of fishing you prefer. Check-out all my lures ( we’ve come a long way BABY ) I gathered several short articles off the internet pertaining to sounds and here are some.

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