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Can You Hear Me NOW


Can You Hear Me NOW?

Fish do not have ears that perform the same as yours and mine. Of course this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own. It’s a proven fact that a fish can locate a black plastic worm in the pitch black of the night being slowly dragged along the bottom.

This is not done using big EARS to hear sound. This is accomplished by use of it’s lateral line down the side.

This lateral line is so sensitive that any movement in the water will give off vibrations that can be felt.

Water magnifies sound and increases distances that vibrations can be transmitted. Fish have internal ear bones that are connected to their lateral lines which in turn help decipher and relay the messages (vibrations) to their brain.

Fish may or may-not acknowledge your presence on or in the water but you can bet your next check that they know exactly where you are.

Predator fish swim all around and among their prey species constantly, and both look calm. You can go to Bass Pro Shops aquarium and observe this daily. But let the predator launch an attack and everything gets crazy.

My point is that almost 100% of the time that a wounded or crippled prey suspect will not last long. Most of the time it will be eaten by the first predator closest to it. Wounded or crippled bait put off different vibrations from normal healthy bait and do not have to be in the line of site for the lateral line to key a strike or draw attention.

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A reward is being offered for this fish with large external EARS.

Good Luck Fishing,

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