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The Making of RemoraLure


The Making of RemoraLure :

Electric, vibrating, battery powered, fish call, lure !

Many years ago (40) while redbelly fishing in the river with a

friend something mind-boggling occurred. We had caught quite a

few good hand sized fish and they had all but quit biting. It was

getting hotter with the sun bearing down and we were just about to

stop and head home. Like most all fishermen we could fish a little

longer and decided to go around the next curve at least.

You know the one more cast rule.

What happened next started off innocent enough, but was to become 

an all out life long obsession.

As we came around the next bend of the river and up to a downed

tree that was blocking our path. I had a cold chill run up my back

and make the hair stand-up on my neck. As we scrambled to both

stop the boat and back out, it took all my nerve not to jump ship.

The biggest BLACK WASP nest I had ever seen was just inches

from the top of my bow mounted electric motor. It had to be over

18” across with thousands of wasp. These are the hurtinest stings

you can ever get, and enough of them will make a grown man cry.

The nest happened to be centered in the only opening big enough

for the boat to go thru.

Once we calmed down my friend said he brought a can of wasp

spray that could shoot over 20 feet. After relocating the boat a safe

distance away he blasted the nest. It sounded like a helicopter

taking off as all the wasp formed a tight swarm and flew straight

up as a group. The spray acted quickly disorienting and disabling

the wasp that were dropping like heavy rain all over the surface of

the river. They were constantly flapping their wings at a super rate

of speed in desperation ( Buzzing Loudly) only to be smacked by Bream.

This smacking sounded like someone shooting a 22 short, only at

1000 rounds. Every wasp that landed on the water was eaten while

still buzzing. When it calmed down we still could not get anymore

bites on crickets. Yet we new they were there, everywhere.

This lesson I would never forget, the impression was permanent.

About 20 years later I was sitting at McDonalds waiting on my

grand kids. A fly that I presume got sprayed with bug spray fell on

it’s back on my table. The constant buzzing as it layed on it’s back

dying was the same sound.

As was normal during this time I had a pager for business. When

trying to have conversations I liked to put my pager on vibrate. For

some reason today I would lay the pager on the counter top, and

not hook it to my belt. 

Guess What ?

When the pager went off vibrating it sounded just like the buzzing

sound I wanted to duplicate. Over the years I kept trying to

duplicate the sound and yet make it the right size for bream. So far

I haven’t been able to get it that small but it got me thinking…

All fish start off as tiny little guys that eat bugs, bugs vibrate and

this is instilled into their brains. 

The first lure I tried was a ‘devilshorse’ with awesome results. 

Amazingly it caught fish.

Because the battery powered vibrator and battery combination

system is built into my RedBug. The RedBug attaches to almost

any lure on the market today, making it vibrate buzz and humm.

Because my flagship system (RedBug) attaches to a lure and

makes it vibrate buzz and humm. I Trademarked my company

name RemoraLure®. A Remora is a saltwater fish that attaches

itself to other fish with a sucker on the top of it’s head. Mostly to

Sharks, Ray’s and gets free rides as well as meals while feeding on

it’s host leftover scraps.

Purchase our RedBug or any of our battery powered vibrating

fishing lures with the RemoraLure® System built in.



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